The construction of the 84-minute DVD and its handling is easy. Its content is divided into three sections:

1. Basics
Within the Basics, a detailed discussion on the anatomy of the ear in vivid close-ups is addressed. I have also attached great practical value to the suitability of this work

2. Localization
Here the acupuncture points for the ear are shown and classified into the anatomical / topographical areas of the ear.

3. Special Points
In this section, you will find details related to acupuncture points, which are common in medical practice and their location, which are often distributed over the ear. These points in particular have a superior effect and are often points whose outcome is of crucial clinical importance!

The Visual Atlas of Aural Acupuncture
(DVD - 84 Minutes Running Time,
available in German and English)

This DVD will give a beginner in acupuncture an overview on the localizations of aural acupuncture and support the learning of this therapeutic method. This visual atlas is not intended to replace appropriate seminars and courses, but rather is meant as a helpful supplement.

The atlas will provide the advanced practitioner with a method for rapid recapitulation and consolidation of existing knowledge. Each of over 240 items described in more than 1,000 individual images accurately described and explained on the ear

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