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A Warm Welcome to the World of the Ear Acupuncture

Nowadays Body Acupuncture as well as Ear Acupuncture are valid as serious Therapy Forms. The millenniums old Method of Treatment of the Acupuncture and the Ear Acupuncture only young few decades are for everybody therapeutically active of far-reaching meaning, one wants to enclose and treat comprehensively. On the following Websites we get you an overview about our offer on the Subject Acupuncture, especially to the Ear Acupuncture. With pleasure you can acquire our DVD „Visual Atlas of the Ear Acupuncture“ (Term 84 Minutes) with useful Information and the topographic overview of the most Common Points of the Ear Acupuncture under the point Order on this Website for sale. You receive a small insight under the point Video. We wish you an informative Stay on our Sites.

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